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Pure Virgin


Pure Virgin



Amris Seed Oil is a home based small family enterprise. It all started soon after I went into retirement from my regular job in London, UK.

I started researching different kinds of oils extracted from different seeds, renowned and used for centuries, for their health benefits. Initially nigella sativa, mustard seeds, ground nuts, and desiccated coconut were of particular interest to me due to their well known and well documented properties to have helped people over a long period of time. I decided to buy a hand operated press from Holland to extract cold pressed oil for my personal use. Hand operated pressing can be a tough job for a man of my age!  Then a few months later I bought a small scale electronically operated oil press. I have now invested in a much larger machine from China, with higher capacity to extract oil by cold pressing herbal plant seeds like nigella sativa or black seed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, flaxseed, castor seed and coconut.

The name ‘Amris’ is derived from my grand children’s names Amiyan and Rishita!










Cold pressed virgin vegetable oil is called “All Natural,” and cold pressing expeller machine is designed differently to maintain certain temperature to keep oil’s all natural characteristics intact, also this process involves no additives or additional ingredients. This often means that the oil is healthier — but the process is not always very efficient commercially. Even the best modern machines are only able to extract about 75% of the oil from most seeds and nuts, which necessarily means that there is some waste involved.  The precision of the expulsion process combined with the necessary waste means that “Cold-Pressed Oil” is often more expensive.




The CHAMICALLY PROCESSED vegetable oil is also called REFINED oil and this final product is very different from its natural source. The antioxidants are replaced by free radicals, and trans-fats appear in it and this refined oil, may smell sweet and taste fine, but they are vastly inferior to cold pressed oils. Coating nuts and other food items in HEXANE or similar CHEMICALS before attempting to extract their oils typically yields a much higher return rate. The compound causes most organic materials to quickly break down, which boosts yields well into the 90% range when it comes to oil recovery. The machines used for hexane extractions are usually slightly bigger than standard expellers, and often have specialized chambers for storing and administering the CHEMICALS.


Environmentalists and health food advocates have a number of problems with hexane’s use in food preparation. Most oil manufacturers use a number of different processing techniques to ensure that no residue makes its way into the finished product, but it can rarely guarantee purity. Even in trace amounts, the compound can have very serious health consequences. Most of the risks come when hexane is inhaled, as can often happen when oils containing it are heated as they would be for frying or cooking. The chemical can cause sleepiness, nausea, and headaches. Chronic hexane inhalation may also result in cramping and muscle weakness or deterioration.  (leaflet for distribution to public SIX weeks before selling STARTS.)









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Pure Virgin


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